Each sample below consist of 2 parts – ‘before’ and ‘after’. First you can hear the original track before my involvement (ca 45 s.), then the same bit after it has been processed. All ‘before’ and ‘after’ tracks have been level balanced (they peak at the same value) for fair comparison.


First sample is a recording of female vocal and acoustic guitar. The sample contains a track which was brought to me by my client with request to mix/master it. After listening I convinced client to re-do it from the begging. So we recorded vocal and guitars again, here in STUDIO se21. We used Oktava 319 microphone plugged into Joemeek VC1 preamp/compressor for vocals, and ADK Vienna with ISA 430 Focusrite (preamp/compressor/converter) for acoustic guitar. Please listen to dramatic difference within recording.


This is example of involvement on many levels. Sample below and after contains a sample of track provided by artist, which in his opinion was ready for master. Vocals were re-recorded, song was mixed and produced from the scratch as well.

Another song from the very same artist, and with very same involvement. Please not as the song has changed from nasal muddy and thin, to fat and punchy sounding, with three dimensions and perfect sound separation.


The example below is just an example of a mix crafted by STUDIO se21 engineer. Sample contains raw tracks provided by an artist, sample before is after mixdown.

This song below was actually created tresperros (including myslef), recorded, edited, and mixed. Sample contains version before re-mix which was done just for fun. If you like this song, check here to find more of our songs.

We also did mixes in many different genres like rock, ballad, folk, indie pop, metal, and many house and hip hop mixes. Actually if we could summarize our clients, then hip hop and house (wide definition of both - soul, jazz, or ambient including) clients are our most clients.
For a many reasons we cannot provide all samples here on our website, but we can send you 40 sec samples of mixes we did in specified genre. Contact us for details.