Control room is the most important part of any audio system. A properly acoustically treated room with a great monitoring system is almost as important as a skilled mixing/mastering engineer. A lot of thought, hard work, time (it has taken us a year) and money went into improving acoustics of our control room, and we are proud to say that it sounds simply amazing. It definitely was one of our best investments so far; one that allowed us to take the quality of our mixes and masters to another level.

Although it is possible to make a good quality mix only using software plugins, nothing can replace a good quality hardware compressor or real valves. This is why we offer mixing in digital domain using mainly hardware tools, reaching for plugins if we think they can do a better job.

Your tracks will be equalised, panned, automated, level balanced, de-essed and compressed, saturated and limited if needed, to achieve a professionally sounding mix. Check our clients testimonials here.

We are experienced in working with different music genres. Please check audio samples.

Next audio process after mixing is  Mastering. Please check here : MASTERING


We offer two options, Standard and Premium. The first one is directed towards customers with limited budget, the second one is for those who want the best product.

Standard - £99

Standard mix is scheduled for one day's work. This includes communication with customer, logistics, one mix review and mastering. Standard option does not include track editing. If editing is required, this service can be purchased separately.
Standard mix is a hybrid between analogue and digital. The mix is done mainly on digital plugins, but we do use hardware processors on groups and bus sections, and most important single tracks like vocals, kick, snare, bass etc.
Please note that due to time restraints, Standard mix is only available for audio material up to 7 minutes long, consisting of no more than 35 tracks.

Premium - xxx

The price of Premium option depends on time involved. We do critical listening to the audio material provided and check if any editing is required. We then contact the customer to discuss details of the project, to determine how much time we are likely to spend on the mix, and obviously the detailed costs.
Premium mix is done almost completely OTB (out of box), using our top notch hardware. Very few, if any, digital plugins are involved.
Premium option entitles to as many mix reviews as needed. It also includes     FREE master, done by another engineer not involved in the mix.

All prices include electronic delivery.


We are very proud to say we deliver fast!

Most projects are delivered within 48 hours (for example: master of an album or Standard mix). Master of a single - within 24 hours.
We will do our best to work to your schedule. At busy times we may need to extend delivery time by a day or two. We encourage you to contact us with any questions.