Our control room with proper acoustic adaptation is very well prepared to recording high quality vocals and instruments, free from any reverberation problems. We are not able to accommodate a choir, drums or horns section, but we have successfully recorded acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars and saxophones.

Recordings are made via high quality microphones and preamps, high end compressors and converted to digital (DAW).

We charge as little as 20£ per hour of recording, min. booking 2 hour.

We can also help you with audio/midi setup, recording setup, acoustics, live recording, programming and music production.

Please contact us if you are interested in a service we have not listed here.


We are very proud to say we deliver fast!

Most projects are delivered within 48 hours (for example: master of an album or Standard mix). Editing an audio depends on a particular project, so please get in touch with us.
We will do our best to work to your schedule.