"We sent our tracks for a mix to many studios around, and none of mixes provided were even close to the mix you gave us! The separation, three dimensions, big sound stage, and also punch and depth in your mix was something we like so much. Your mix sounds like a first class production."
Mick, DJ and producer, South London

"You did amazing work! You have a real talent and dedication for this. I even prefer this master to the master that Alchemy did for me on another song."
ROLANOID, electronic music producer, Perth (Australia)

"My production has never sounded so good!"
Jay, music producer, London

"Thanks for the files. I wasn't expecting them so soon, you are a star!
It was fun recording the vocals the other day. They did sound pretty good to me straight away but now they are just perfect. I have no idea what did to make me sound so great but more please;-)"
Flo, singer-songwriter, Brighton

"The tracks sound amazing! Love the mix and the effects used. It sounds so professional!"
Matt Tefler, musician, London

"I am really impressed by your professional attitude, priceless suggestions, superb communication and, last but not least, the great sounding album. danke schön:-)"
Mateo, DJ/minimal and house producer, Vienna

"Awesome quality! I am so happy now when I listen to my songs, I am not an engineer and I don't know what you did to my music, but it's magic. I recently played one of the songs you had mastered to the label guys and they were very excited."
Ivonne, folk singer, USA

"The tracks are more punchy, the bass is louder but not muddy, the kicks and claps are killers, and the song has great dynamics. Thanks!"
Jan Mooren, avantgard/hip-hop producer, SA

"Great job! We went to a couple more expensive studios but we prefered your work. We think it sounds better and it was twice cheaper."
Peter, jazz band musician, Berlin